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CDVDBurn 3 - CD, DVD and BD writing for your RISC OS 5 machine


Since the first CD-ROM saw the light of day, the medium that was once devised for holding high quality audio recordings has become a widely used medium to hold data, e.g. for easy transfer of large amounts of data on a widely compatible medium. Its successors DVD-ROM and BD-ROM have followed the same spirit of cross-platform compatibility, longevity for archiving purposes and comparatively cheap storage per Megabyte.

CDBurn, introduced at Acorn World 1997, was the first CD mastering solution for RISC OS that was affordable and was available without a bundled drive.

In 2005, the next logical step was introduced - CDVDBurn, which was capable of writing selected types of DVD media.

Now, in 2020, CDVDBurn 3 finally catches up with development of drives and BD media supporting up to 100 GB per disc. No matter if your RISC OS 5 machine uses USB or S-ATA to connect your CD/DVD/BD writer, CDVDBurn 3 supports all variants.

No matter if your preferred RISC OS 5 machine is an IYONIX pc, an ARMX6, a Titanium, a Pandaboard or a Raspberry Pi, CDVDBurn 3 runs on everything that has at least RISC OS 5.24 installed, no matter if its CPU is ARMv5 (like the IYONIX pc) or ARMv8 (like the Raspberry Pi 4) compatible. And everything in between.

Several DVD and BD writers have been tested OK with CDVDBurn 3, for all types of media (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, BD-R, BD-RE), and all types of writing methods (Track-at-once, Disc-at-once).

Currently supported Drives

See the list of supported drives page for a detailed overview.

External USB slimline CD/DVD writers

  • Asus ZenDrive U7M
  • LG GP57ES40
  • LiteOn EBAU108-01

External USB slimline CD/DVD/BD writers

  • Samsung BD-DVDW SE-506

External USB full-size CD/DVD/BD writers

  • Asus BW-16D1H-U Pro
  • LG BE16NU50

Internal S-ATA CD/DVD/BD writers (also compatible with S-ATA-USB adapters if CD-type devices are supported)

  • Asus BW-16D1HT Silent
  • LG BH16NS55
  • LG BH16NS40


CDVDBurn 3 is able to produce both Data CD/DVD/BDs and Audio CDs with a minimum amount of user interaction. While easy to use, it has some very powerful features not found anywhere else. CDVDBurn 3 supports CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, BD-R and BD-RE media (if the drive itself supports it of course!).

CDVDBurn 3 works together with a wide variety of currently available DVD and BD writers. CDVDBurn 3 supports both USB and S-ATA drives connected to RISC OS 5 machines as well as IDE drives connected to the IYONIX pc.

Compared to its predecessor CDVDBurn, the new CDVDBurn 3 comes with a lot of new features and improvements:

  • Disc Extractor feature
    • filer-like access to data CD/DVD/BD discs if CDFS lets you down again
    • look inside ISO images without using CDFaker, supporting the CDVDBurn 2 GiB-per-file-directory-workaround transparently
    • supports both Joliet extensions and RockRidge naming extension for better cross-platform compatibility
  • compatible with the latest ARMv8 platforms like the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4
  • compatible with modern RISC OS 5 USB
  • compatible with modern S-ATA as found on the Titanium
  • now supports DVD-R and DVD-RAM
  • now supports BD-R and BD-RE
  • new "verify disc" feature - compare an ISO9660 image to what is really written on a medium
  • compatible with many current drives
  • many small UI improvements

Some of the feature highlights for Data CD/DVD/BD creation:

  • ISO9660-compliant image formatter for cross-platform data discs
  • support for Joliet extensions - allows you to write CDs/DVDs/BDs with very deep directory structures and long, case-preserving filenames (ideally suited for making backups that are cross-platform readable)
  • drag and drop filer-like Image creation
  • support for RISC OS CDFS extensions - enables you to retain filetype and date/time information in an ISO9660 compatible way for true platform independence
  • very flexible, user-definable ISO filename translation - enables you to enforce full ISO9660 compliance, or to create a CD/DVD/BD which fully exploits the capability of a specific platform

CDVDBurn's Audio CD capabilities are also nice:

  • Extraction of Audio tracks from nearly every CD/DVD/BD drive
  • easy-to-use track editor
  • uses either raw or WAV format for audio
  • Audio Disc at once capability - allows you to record true live CDs, no more pauses between tracks (please check drive compatibility)
  • internal Audio CD database feature - identify your Audio tracks by name, not by track number

Other highlights:

  • widely configurable to suit your taste
  • mixed-mode CD creation (first track data, following tracks audio)
  • CD Extra creation (first session audio, second session data)
  • support mailing list available free of charge
  • bugfixes available free of charge
  • free email support

Where to buy

You can order your copy of CDVDBurn 3 online.

If you want to buy a drive-software bundle, why not ask your RISC OS dealer if one is available.

The Future

CDVDBurn 3 is under constant development. It is a very user-driven program, with many features already built in because of user requests.

A recurring theme is to keep the list of supported drives up-to-date. Sometimes, small tweaks to the code are necessary to cater for new drives and new firmware variants. If you have a drive not listed above as "fully supported", please contact me by email.

Possible directions for future new features include:

  • extend the Disc Extractor to support e.g. UDF
  • support further RockRidge extensions like re-nested deep directories
  • better support for Audio formats - add naming tags for WAV format, directly support MP3...
  • enhance CDVDBurn 3's offline Audio CD database with one of the online databases available
  • add multisession capabilities to DVD/BD media types
  • give more information about media - e.g. the manufacturer, dye type, rated speed...
  • quality-scan written media for upcoming medium degradation - also known as "C1/C2 error scan"
  • usability enhancements

Please email me your suggestions and areas of interest.

Use on emulators

While CDVDBurn 3 works fine on RPCEmu and VirtualRPC, due to their limitations on the emulation of USB and S-ATA devices attached to the Host OS, CDVDBurn 3 has no access to CD/DVD/BD drives connected to the Windows or Linux host machine.

You can still use the ISO9660/Joliet image creation part of CDVDBurn 3 however to create true RISC OS ISO images that you can subsequently write with any PC software to disc. The Disc Extractor feature can also be used to access ISO9660/Joliet images.



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